“Because of You I Can Fly on Broken Wings”

I pivot on my left foot and turn the corner, towards the shadowy
water that makes up our rendezvous, anticipating
your striking face descending the nearby hills to convene with
me at the substructure, meeting on the jetted rocks below.
I entwine the necklace around my collar, observing
the memories of this place, like ghosts on the cement.
My music detonates from my headphones, accompanying
my thoughts on life and you and me.

I move down the hill, following
an undetectable pathway to one of
the rocks that set up the scenery, the prevalent one,
complete with an irregular surface
and little bits of soil and rock,
ready to fasten to you upon departure.
In front of me resides lifeless grass,
tanned and inflexible, as well
as an assortment of littered paraphernalia,
left behind by anyone
who has graced this subdivision of existence.

My shoes grate on the hard shell as I turn up at my
destination, driving clouds of
diaphanous earth into the firmament.
I light a cigarette, inhale a extensive,
profound drag and stare out across
the pool of filthy liquid that lay obverse of me,
while recollections of you and me distribute
through my mentality, leaving me smiling and falling
in love with you more and more.

A massive squall of chilly winter air snaps me
back to reality and I revolve my head to spot
you descending the knoll, your eyes fixed on me.
A wide smile emerges on my face, only to see the one you
already comprised on yours.
I affirmed my affection for you
yet again as you took a seat next to me
and planted your arms around my torso,
resting your head on my shoulder.
I kissed you, feeling your emotions regarding me surge
through my body, giving me a delicate sentiment in my stomach.


About Robert L. Franklin

Ah, the About Me section - social networking's excuse for you sounding like an elitist prick. Hmm... what to say? What to say?
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