“Thoughts About Life Inspired by a Sunset”

As I depart my accommodation,
fastening the door after me, I gaze
at the descending sun, thinking of all
the reminiscences we have and
those we will generate once
we escape this forsaken neighborhood.
My mind races with the cognition
of a home we can call our own,
children we can nurture with the familiarity
that we had been given and that which
we learned from peers,
and contentment that was only a
glimmer of optimism until now.
Our cars parked in the garage,
a beautiful yard,
striking flora,
and a swing set for the family appear
to be an outlying fantasy at the moment,
but will be converted into a reality in time.
I can perceive you and I sitting on a veranda,
close together, discussing anything and everything,
while our offspring rest serenely
in bed on a balmy summer night.
All of these, relics of things to come, teasers,
sneak previews of our lives collectively,
the attractive representation that symbolizes
our determination to end up idyllic and flourishing,
the motivation to be satisfied with our situations, and
the determination to be together, forever.


About Robert L. Franklin

Ah, the About Me section - social networking's excuse for you sounding like an elitist prick. Hmm... what to say? What to say?
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