Soundtrack Notes: Madden 2004

I posted before about the soundtrack to Madden ’07, in which I also said I would go back through other Madden games and talk about their assemblies of music. Madden 2004 was the one that really caught me, and I think for nostalgia purposes, remains my favorite up to this point. The blend of rock and rap is perfect and there are very few songs that don’t fit the vibe of the compilation.


  1. Alien Ant Farm – These Days
  2. Bone Crusher – Never Scared (Madden Remix)
  3. Yellowcard – Way
  4. Serafin – Day by Day
  5. OutKast – Church
  6. The Federation – Mayhem (Madden Mix)
  7. Bog – Give Up The Grudge
  8. Thrice – All That’s Left
  9. Killer Mike – Akshon (Yeah!) (Madden Remix)
  10. Blink 182 – Action (later became “Feeling This”)
  11. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
  12. Bubba Sparxxx – Back in the Mud
  13. AFI – The Leaving Song, Pt. II

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