Soundtrack Notes: Tony Hawk’s Underground Trilogy

The THUG trilogy is comprised of THUG I, THUG 2, and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. To me, not only were these three games the one that cemented the Tony Hawk legacy, but also contained some of the best collections of music in the entire franchise.

The hits from Tony Hawk’s Underground:

  1. Alkaline Trio – Armageddon
  2. Dropkick Murphys – Time to Go
  3. Electric Frankenstein – Annie’s Grave
  4. The Explosion – No Revolution
  5. NOFX – The Separation of Church and Skate
  6. Turbonegro – Sailor Moon

Everybody love Turbonegro.

The hits from Tony Hawk’s Underground II:

  1. Frank Sinatra – That’s Life
  2. The Doors – Break on Through (To the Other Side)
  3. Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
  4. Metallica – Whiplash
  5. Rancid – Fall Back Down
  6. The Explosion – Here I Am
  7. Melvins – Sweet Willy Rollbar
  8. Less Than Jake – That’s Why They Call It A Union
  9. Joy Division – Warsaw
  10. Disturbed – Liberate
  11. Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
  12. Operatic – Interested in Madness

On the other hand, American Wasteland’s soundtrack was hard for me. I’m not a huge fan of covers and the songs on the soundtrack are just that. Most of them fall absolutely flat (especially since some of the bands being covered are Minor Threat, Misfits, T.S.O.L., etc.),  but a couple of the covers really stood out to me.

  1. Senses Fail – Institutionalized [Suicidal Tendencies]
  2. Alkaline Trio – Wash Away [T.S.O.L.]

Other than those, the rest of the soundtrack was kind of blasphemous, especially with My Chemical Romance — the band responsible for the emo culture wrist-bleeding into every Hot Topic across the country — covering the immortal “Astro Zombies”.



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