“The Beauty of Cosmic Mass”

A tattered plaid blanket is all that protects us from the saturated earth below as we lean into each other and admired the astral masterwork of the heavens above.
This perfect atmospheric showcase seems in the vein of Van Gogh, its busy contrasts made even more appealing as the bountiful event continues.

I take a deep breath, the cool air making its impression on my septum, and am overtaken by the sweet scent of my picturesque companion, observing the fall of burning white stars, their eventual destination the only thing in mind. I pull her slightly closer and call out the event, her emerald camera eyes adjusting their attention to the beautiful calamity.
A bright smile affixes to her face as we watch, unknowing of how the previous bullets will differ from their successors. I forcefully pull my gaze away from the falling stars and catch another star, perfectly glued to it’s assignment, and shining with glorious, angelic incandescence.

Polaris stands mightily, the alpha among the hordes and hordes of confused followers, like Moses holding the tablets high.

My greatest treasure, in all her provocative manners, taps my shoulder, the magnetism from her fingers pressing through the knitted texture of my green polo shirt and shocking the tender skin underneath. She averts my attention to the mighty hunter, holding his weapon in repose and ready, waiting to vanquish any possible oncoming threat. I observe the brash warrior with miniscule intimidation, but the wonderment of him does leave me feeling somewhat small. I turn my frosty eyes in her direction, her own grandiose porcelain meeting them and reflecting the cosmic beauty above us. She caves into stereotype and turns her curiosity toward the moon.

It looks over us, signifying that we are just two little fixtures in the vast, black oceans of our galaxy, humble pawns on our planet’s chess board. Albeit, that insignificance is definitely eclipsed by the sheer valor that lunar woman bestows upon us.

It smiles, it’s full lips separating like the Exodus and showcasing her translucent moon-rock teeth, pale, discolored, and sleek. The moon winks and carefully nods, lifting this disgusting blanket my significant other and I sat on above the muddy earth below and setting it on course for a breathtaking tour of all that’s around the heavens.

We left the Earth like those in Apollo, admiring the stars, moons, and planets around us.
The sun relayed flares of joy as we passed him, my partner and I admiring his intoxicating fun demeanor and jolly smile.

Mercury appeared mixed in feeling, but nevertheless parlayed it’s gratitude about our visit.

Venus hid and Olympus Mons blew it’s grand trumpet.

Jupiter’s crimson storm flurried in greeting, Saturn’s rings sparkled and chimed, and the other giants rotated in unbelievable ecstasy.

Yet Pluto, the small, rocky runt, sulked at his new status, yet the boisterous Neptune cast it’s watery arm upon the disgruntled child, telling him that no matter what, nothing has changed.

My love and I looked at each other and smiled at that touching gesture.

As our blanket slowed, she and I looked at the galaxy that nestled the planet that protects our homes within its valiant hues of industry and nature. We admired the uniformed chaos that transgressed through its vivacious state. I placed my hand in hers, our eyes meeting once again, and our hearts pushing us into a long, anticipated kiss. Our hearts flurried like the piece of astral dementia in front of us, beating in absolute chaotic unison.

The stars, planets, and cosmic beings all cheered our grandest union and cried over the beauty of our courtship. As the kiss broke I smiled at her, causing her face to morph into the same ruby shade as the blouse she that rain-soaked hill we had spent those glorious hours on. I rolled up the tattered blanket and we both tread our way down, the Lunar Mistress herself smiling and waving diligently goodbye.


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