This Post is Influenced by McDonalds… Be Warned!

McDonald’s has filed a trademark infringment lawsuit against a Chicago-area teenager who coordinates a Special Olympics fundraiser called “McFest”. Lauren McCluskey, 19, the founder of McFest, which is a play on her own surname, according to her, sets up high school and college local bands to play and the proceeds of the festival go to Special Olympics. It seems that McRonald and his horde of burger-making McDouchebags have a problem with this name thing.

McDonald’s does in fact have trademarks on certain quips that begin with “Mc-“, and that’s why we have crappy fast food products named “McChicken”, “McGriddle” and “McRib”, which is truly, TRULY, McGross.

McDonald’s even has the McBalls to offer to pay for Lauren to change the name to something else. I’d tell them to McShove-it.

I personally think McDonald’s has reached an all-time low. You know, they should be coordinating with her because McFest has generated a lot of money for Chicagoland Special Olympics.

But alas, McDonald’s is still heading down that dangerous road into oblivion. After all, you can get your Big Mac in a tortilla now. McLame.

Speaking of which, the Portland Trail Blazers have to be feeling that way since it has all but been called official that center Greg Oden is among the top five worst draft picks of all-time.

2007-08 season: Oden is picked number one overall in the draft before the season. He busts up his knee (microfracture) and needs surgery. He misses his rookie year.

2008-09 season: Oden is granted this season to be his actual rookie year. He got hurt again 13 minutes into opening night against the Lakers, being held scoreless. He’d miss the next two weeks. In February 2009, in a game against the Golden State Warriors, Oden bumped knees with Corey Magette and would miss another three weeks with a chip in his left kneecap.


2009-10 season: Oden gets hurt again on December 5th, 2009. He was carried out on a stretcher and was diagnosed with a fractured right patella and will miss the rest of the year.

Go figure.

So, this is how I see it. All of you NBA owners who were bummed not to get Oden, thank your lucky stars. All of you doctors in the Portland area, congratualtions, you’re getting paid. To all of you who work in the Trail Blazers offices, you’ll be served with pink slips.

Greg Oden = McBust!

Back on the subject of stupid lawsuits, remember when I told you all about that guy who sued Bank Of America for $1,784 billion trillion dollars? Well, as it turns out, this isn’t the first time he’s tried to pull this shit. In January of 2009, he tried suing his landlord for $892 million billion dollars.

Oh my god, this dude’s lost his marbles.

I am instituting a new thing on this blog. I’m going to call it, “Robbie’s Awesome Blog – Celebrity Of The Day” and today’s celebrity is, you guessed it, this guy!

Mr. Dalton Chiscolm! Celebrity Of The Day for January 28, 2010.

Alright, back to sports, the Saints and the Colts are gearing up for what could potentially be the highest scoring Super Bowl of all-time, under sunny (or not) skies in Miami, Florida. The last time the Colts were in the big one, it was a grim day against Da Bears. Sleet, rain, sloppy play, but some kick ass running from kick returner Devin Hester. But, Manning became Manning and won the game for the Colts and won the Super Bowl MVP in the process.

The Saints haven’t been in the big one since…



They’ve never been here before! In the entire forty-some-odd year existence of the New Orleans Saints, they have never been to the Super Bowl. What makes this game very, VERY ironic, is that the Saints were in the NFC playoffs the year that the Bears would meet the Colts. The Saints actually made it to the NFC Championship game that year, where they were beat by… you guessed it… the Chicago Bears.

Position to watch: Uh… duh! Brees vs. Manning. The quarterback duel of the year. C’mon man.

Difference maker: This games difference maker is going to be Archie Manning, Peyton’s dad. Archie spent 12 miserable seasons with the ‘Aints. He’ll be pulling for his boy.

Possible turning point: A fourth-quarter interception. If it happens, it changes the entire flow of the game in favor of the team who got the takeaway.

So, who wins? Since the game is basically going to come down to whoever can score the last touchdown, I would have to say it will be the Colts, who have a slight edge defensively. This game is won, by let’s say, four. 38-34.


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