NFL Playoff Rant (1/8/11)

Little known fact about me: I pay attention to Adult Swim’s webisodes of “Carl’s Stone Cold Lock of the Century – of the Week”. They’re humerous, and make a valid point.


Anywho, Stanford destroyed Virginia Tech (like I predicted) and now we look forward to the NFL playoffs. However, we will make a quick detour… real quick…

Blaming the loss on iPhones?! Seriously?!

Anyway, the NFL playoffs. I’m not going to do a traditional predictions set-up today, but I’m going to account for both extreme scenarios. Even though I have my picks (as decided in my last blog), I feel that I can’t be one-sided this year. 2010 has been arguably the most back and forth, sketchy, and all around kooky season the NFL has ever seen. So, without further adeiu, or a-don’t, here is my new segment called:


Ha! Aliteration for the win!

New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks

This, to me, is the game of the weekend for two reasons: 1.) The first playoff game in history in which a competing team is below .500, and 2.) If the Seahawks manage to win, I’m convinced the NFL is going on strike next year. Some things just should not happen, like Oprah getting her own TV channel, or Roseanne Barr being allowed in a baseball stadium. The NFC West just flat-out should not have been given a playoff spot. Honestly, they should have given the NFC West’s playoff spot to a team like the Buccaneers or the Giants, two teams deserving of being there. But no, no exception could be made. Granted, I think the post-season set-up in as perfect as it’s going to be, but you can’t help but scoff when you look at a division like the NFC West that combined into a 25-39 overall division record.

The Saints win if: They execute offensively, using intermediate-range passing to Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush, and counter plays to Reggie Bush, ultimately going over the top to Marques Colston. Defensively, they could definitely keep the Seahawks offense at bay with combinations zone blitzes and Cover 2.

The Seahawks win if: Matt Hasslebeck doesn’t get hurt. Since the Seattle defense will have a hard time keeping the Saints offense from producing, they have to produce offensively. This means they have to get the ball in the hands of Mike Williams. Especially since New Orleans safety Mike Jenkins isn’t playing either. Also, Leon Washington has to deliver on special teams.

Ultimate Deciding Factor: The Saints are limping into the playoffs. Their injury report is, like, a mile long and it’s going to take major effort from all 22 players to make sure Seattle doesn’t go into next week at 8-9.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

Rematch time! The Colts overcame an early deficit to take out the Jets last year in the AFC Championship Game. The same can’t be said about today. The Jets are a little more explosive then they were last season and the Colts… not so much.

The Jets win if: They establish their running game, despite the return of Colts defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Mark Sanchez has to remain mistake free and the Jets D has mix up coverage schemes to keep Peyton Manning uncomfortable.

The Colts win if: Wide receiver Pierre Garcon exploits a still-injured Jets defensive back named Antonio Cromartie. Since Reggie Wayne is going to be hanging around “Revis Island”, the deciding factors in the passing game are going to be, 1.) Manning keeps mistakes to a minimum, 2.) Garcon runs a lot of in and slant routes, 3.) tight end Dallas Clark becomes a receiving threat.

Ultimate Deciding Factor: As cliche a response as it is: turnovers. The team that wins the turnover battle will most likely win the game.

So there you have it. My jist for Saturday’s games.


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