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The Great Depression

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That’s the sound of screaming children, rejections, keystrokes, doctors, and everything else in my life all rolled into one. Within ten weeks, my life will change. I know for a fact I’m not ready, and I … Continue reading

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Complicate Me – The Musings of a Madman

It’s an interesting feeling, being ripped in two at the drop of a hat, like the way I shred paper in the midst of writer’s block. Simple melodies exonerate suppressed thoughts, emotions, and reciprocated memories, fueled like gasoline on a fire whether it’s Jonsi, … Continue reading

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National Basketball Month

I am imposing a new reason for people to acknowledge the month of March. It’s full-on basketball season now. March Madness, the road to the NBA playoffs. The games are intense. Full-pressed. THE ROAD TO HOUSTON Pitt lost. Notre Dame … Continue reading

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The Wait is Over…

First thing is first. I want to apologize profusely for not updating in a month and half. Even though, at this point in time, no one reads this, I still feel apologies are in order. I think it may have … Continue reading

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