The Wait is Over…

First thing is first. I want to apologize profusely for not updating in a month and half. Even though, at this point in time, no one reads this, I still feel apologies are in order. I think it may have something to do with the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, I am shocked that the Packers won. I really thought this was going to be a cake-walk for the Steelers. Stunned from the first quarter to the final gun, and listening to the criticism from my family, I think it all ended up taking a toll on me, because the only true sports writing I have done since then is one piece for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and an application for MLB Dream Job. Aside of that, the Super Bowl has left me in shambles.

Since it’s been a while, I want to take baseball, football, and basketball into consideration for this blog. First up, we will have an NBA recap.

1. The Miami Heat

… Have lost four straight. Are crying in the locker rooms. Are phasing out Dwayne Wade for LeBron. All things I had predicted would happen at the beginning of the season. I was like Paul Revere, telling everyone who would listen “the Heat are gonna fall apart at the end of the season”, and listening to the ears I abused shoot back with comments like “bullshit” or “you’re a hater”, which in a way I am, since I’m a Celtics fan. But all I can do now is sit back and do my best Nelson Muntz impression.

Nelson Muntz
Me, circa two nights ago.

I did my research last night and discovered a couple of very incriminating pieces of information that further prove my pre-season prediction.

  • From November 29, 2010 through January 9, 2011, the Heat were on a wild 21-1 run. If you remove that from the standings, they are 22-19.
  • They’ve lost 11 games this season in which they had a chance to take the lead or tie the score in the final 12 seconds. LeBron James is 1-for-8. Dwayne Wade is 0-for3. Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, and Eddie House are 0-for-2. Chris Bosh is 0-for-1.

Bulls forward Joakim Noah told the press that on Saturday, March 5th, when he was walking down Miami Beach, fans who recognized him told him to “Beat the Heat”. Mix that with some quips given from Dwayne wade after the loss, “The Miami Heat are exactly what everyone wanted, losing games. The world is better now because the Heat is losing.”

Wow. Next thing we know, we’ll be seeing Dwayne Wade fleeing Miami-Dade county in one of these:

Ford Bronco
With a copy of “If I Did It” in the passenger seat.

2. Where Does The League Power Truly Lie?

This is always one of those kind-of-but-not-quite interesting facts I look up before the NBA playoffs begin, just to give me an idea of which conference holds the balance of power. In some ways, it helps me determine playoff seeding and give me an idea of who the league champion will be. Unfortunately, last year, I got my prediction wrong. I picked Boston to win game 7, but alas, I didn’t predict that this guy would make a triumphant return.

Courtesy of Auburn Hills PD.

He, not Kobe, beat my Celtics in Game 7, which left me stunned and my girlfriend’s sister gloating about it for days afterward. Anyway, I digress.

As of today, the Western Conference is dominant with a 327-183 record, to the 302-197 record of the East. Keep in mind, this only counts the Top-8 teams in each conference, who in turn, would be playoff contenders if the playoffs started today. This also means that the eighth-seed in the East would go to the 27-35 Indiana Pacers. I see a problem with this.

If the playoffs started today, then the Pacers would be the Seattle Seahawks of this years playoffs, meaning they would probably get out of the first round by beating the Boston Celtics, which would cause the greater Boston area to drink themselves into a Guiness-induced coma that not even Bill Simmons or Tom Brady could fix. The Bruins, second in the NHL’s Eastern Conference would fall apart. The Red Sox, who are early favorites to win the American League, would be involved in a smaller version of “The Day After Tomorrow”, culminating in the ghost of Babe Ruth knocking over the Green Monster, making Fenway the most hitter-friendly park this side of Rangers Ballpark. The Patriots, oh the Patriots, would have an 0-16 season in which Tom Brady is put on I.R. because of hair loss. Boston would, once again, be tortured.

Okay, that’s a bit of an embellishment, but if the Celtics were to get beat by a sub-.500 team in the playoffs this year, things would be bad. However, if the Heat lose to a sub-.500 team in the playoffs this year, we would see this across the country.


Then this…

Suspect Wade is northbound on I-95.

Later in the week, I will go over some NFL and MLB news. Until then, since spring is coming in Texas, beat the Heat.


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