It’s Simple Physics – I Guess…

Well, apparently, Arizona isn’t too fond of bounce houses.

In Tucson, authorities say a bounce house containing two children was lifted from the ground, flew across three lanes of traffic, and landed on a median yesterday. Trish Tracy of the Tucson fire department told a local news station that the children suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

They also blamed it on a weather phenomena known as a “dust devil”.

Surprisingly, this is the second time such an occurance has happened in that area this year. In the suburb Mesa, in February, a little girl suffered a head injury when she fell out of an airborne bounce house.


I really don’t know what to say about this, aside from the fact the twelve-year-old daredevil in me thinks this would be pretty cool. A flying bouncehouse. What a remarkable concept!

This is a whole new degree of awesome. I just spent several minutes trying to find an image of a flying bounce house on Google images, but unfortunately, have turned up nothing. However, this does give me an image of something I saw on the news a couple of years back:

Thanks to Falcon Henne and his zany family for giving me at least some idea of what a flying bounce house would look like.


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