Youth In Revolt

You know why I love my Facebook friends? Because they post shit from the news on their walls.

Well, in Colorado, an eight-year-old student was pepper sprayed by police when a tantrum he threw got way out of control. The boy, identified only as Aiden, was weilding a sharp piece of wood he had ripped from the wall, threatening to stab his teachers with it. The boy then ordered the cops away from him. When they demanded he drop the wood, he said “get away from me, you fuckers!”. So, they hit him with two doses of pepper spray and cuffed him.

Apparently, Aiden’s mom, identified only as Mandy, says that her son “was treated like a common criminal” and that she is not happy with how the police handled the situation.

Okay, I am quick to scrutinize the police too, like when a friend of mine is racially profiled because she drives a Dodge Dynasty, but Christ, this kid was in a position to cause harm to people. I don’t think Lakewood Police acted in the wrong here, especially since they tried to get to the root of the problem first. There is never an easy way to handle a situation like this, and the police don’t nessessarily see this every day. It could have been a lot worse. I’m pretty sure Lakewood Police don’t have Larry Nevers or Walter Budzyn on their payroll.

So, they pepper sprayed an eight-year-old. At least they didn’t beat him or anything. The kid was freaking out, and is apparently, mentally disturbed. I think Lakewood did what they had to do.

What’s really funny about this is if you change the situation just a bit, like make the kid twelve-years older and place him on a college campus or in front of a club or something. If the “new, and improved” Aiden got pepper sprayed, this wouldn’t even have it out of the city’s paper.

This is just a story that has gotten flipped, strewn, and spread across the media because it deals with two very taboo things. A child as the perp and the ever-so-scrutinized police prescence in this country. The boy’s mother isn’t helping the situation, basically saying on national television that he child was mishandled by the police.

Lady, you’re kid was threatening people with a weapon. Have you forgotten that teeny-tiny fact?


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