When Youth Come to the Defense of Their Elders

You know, the First Amendment is kind of a cool thing – when it’s existence is acknowledged.

I’ve spent the better part of the last hour and a half outside, watching upwards of 300 students march down Keller-Hicks Road like the Light Brigade, protesting the dismissal of their teachers due to district budget cuts. Conversation stirred, as I usually do, and the art of protest was bounced of myself, Meghan, and her sister, Kristin.

I am all for the protest of specific implemented policies, but I am also aware of the potential consequences for making your positions known, especially in a manner that is in no way passive.

I’m reminded of people, specifically, in times of protest. Granted, this is on a much smaller scale and for a cause that the student’s will, for lack of a better term, fail at achieving. It’s like in the Middle East right now. Several countries are in dramatic upheaval, and finally growing the balls to stand up and say “no, not this time”.

In Tienenman Square, one man was photographed standing in front of Communist tanks. He was a slice of ham afterward, but the lasting image of his grandeur is nothing short of remarkable.

These students, who are growing in numbers, are making their way to the district Administration building, ranting, raving, and protesting what is truly a great atrocity. I think some schools have lost sight of the value of education, specifically down here, and especially when your school’s budgets come from District Championships and national competition.

It’s a sad day when you have to lay-off educators so your school doesn’t go broke.

A sad day indeed.



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