NBA Playoff Update (4/18/11)

Well, as my friend Jesse put it, what the hell is going on?

All sixteen teams have played their first games of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, with these results:

Saturday, April 16

Chicago 104, Indiana 99
Maimi 97, Philadelphia 89
Atlanta 103, Orlando 93
Dallas 89, Portland 81

Sunday, April 17

Memphis 101, San Antonio 98 <—- whaaat?
New Orleans 109, LA Lakers 100 <—- whaaat?
Boston 87, New York 85
Oklahoma City 107, Denver 103

While I did expect New Orleans to take one from the Lakers, I didn’t expect them to take the first one, much less lead practically the entire game… and only commit three turnovers, which is tied for the NBA playoff record. I really didn’t expect Pau Gasol to be held to single-digits in all categories, while…

… His brother made short work of the team with the best record in the league! Now, if we all remember correctly, I predicted the Spurs to sweep the Grizzlies (as was their team history), but apparently, I didn’t give in to one of the most important factor of the being the eighth-seed:


Kevin Durant and Michael Westbrook combined for 72 points. Wow!

Ray Allen, once again, went clutch. As expected.

Orlando lost on their home court. I did not see that however.


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