1st Annual Punt, Pass, and Kick Awards

This is not going to be your typical awards ceremony, that’s for damn sure.

Here we have ten categories in which athletes from basketball, football, and baseball, have been given nomination. We’re not talking MVP or Player of the Year type stuff.

Each day, a new winner will be announced. Well, hopefully each day. If not, then I apologize.

1. 2010’s Biggest Douche

Here are the nominees:

Brett Favre (QB, Minnesota Vikings)
Reggie Bush (RB, New Orleans Saints)
Jim Joyce (Major League Baseball umpire)
LeBron James (F/G, Miami Heat)
Stanford Cardinal Women’s Basketball

Here we have five people (or entities) that caused some kind of drama in 2010. Favre, once again, came out of retirement, but unlike the shit he caused in 2009, he spent 2010 pretty much sucking ass. Reggie Bush “gave back” his Heisman Trophy amidst allegations he was ineligible. Jim Joyce’s horrible first-base call ruined Armando Gallaraga’s perfect game, with only one out to go. LeBron James took out an hour of airtime to have a show focusing on his career highlights and announcement about whether he was going to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or not as the case ended up being. Stanford’s women’s basketball team ended the 90-game winning streak of the UConn Women’s basketball team.

The winner is:

LeBron James committed 2010’s biggest act of douchebaggery. He is completely silent through the 2009 season about what his free agency plans were, refusing to tell anyone if he was planing to re-sign with Cleveland (you know, his hometown team), or go somewhere else. An entire city waited in suspense, staring up at God and that giant LeBron billboard they had, for LeBron to say what he was intending to do. James then took out a one-hour special, where clips were played for about 55 minutes, before James, non-chalantly, announces he is signing by the Miami Heat. Roll credits. And now the 10 o’clock news.

The city of Cleveland must have sat there – stunned. Pissed. Hurt. Betrayed. LeBron James was the cities’ economy. He was the last hope for a city starved of a professional sports championship for fifty years. I’m surprised riots didn’t break out in the streets, but, that LeBron billboard was torn down as quickly as it was put up.

And the Cavaliers finished with the worst record in the Eastern Conference this season. They didn’t even win 20 games.

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