Soundtrack Notes: Madden ’12… Nope! Change of Plan!

Every year, I have listed the songs from the current Madden version that I felt were highlights. I planned on doing it this year as well, but upon listening to them, there wasn’t anything I liked. So, this year, I decided to go back through the soundtracks from 2004-’11 and come up with the Best of Madden.

The best songs to grace Madden with their presence are:

  1. Gob – Give Up the Grudge
  2. Bush – Machinehead
  3. Cartel – Say Anything (Else)
  4. From First to Last – Worlds Away
  5. Thrice – All That’s Left
  6. Nirvana – Breed
  7. Chevelle – The Clincher (alternate version)
  8. Damone – Out Here All Night
  9. From Autumn to Ashes – Daylight Slaving
  10. Mastodon – Divinations
  11. Mindless Self Indulgence – Never Wanted to Dance
  12. Blink 182 – Feeling This
  13. Funeral For A Friend – Streetcar
  14. Yellowcard – Fighting
  15. Dashboard Confessional – Reason to Believe

Hopefully, Madden ’13 actually has something enjoyable on it.


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