Welcome January – The Road (acoustic)

Welcome January
“The Road”
The Dim Light Sessions
(c) 2012

Somewhere out there
Beyond my wildest dreams
Sits a desolate road not travelled by anything
Choked in the emerald clamor of weeds
Beaten down by invisible footprints
From entities unseen
In this place your faith is meaningless
This road can’t cast in stone

As I lay awake at night and scream
Mockingbirds sleep at my feet
Your eyes turn circles entwined in my mind
My Psalms sit gathering dust at my table-side
On this road your home is meaningless
When your body is cast in stone

My eyes jolt to the sun
How many miles to go before I’m done
The sweat collects and stings my eyes
Which way do I turn — left or right?
The dust swells in the air from my dingy feet
The maker came for the presence of me
And still I awaken from these dreams
With the thought of losing another sad, sad song to sing

In this place I face the sky above
Like toy dancers in the sun


About Robert L. Franklin

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