The Frontiers LP and Easter Eggs



  1. Chasing Blue Skies
  2. New Day Rising
  3. Manhattan
  4. Porcelain
  5. Nuremburg
  6. December Songs In June
  7. Pale Horses
  8. Untitled
  9. The Scarecrow
  10. Dust For Jenna
  11. Frontiers (acoustic)

Frontiers can be synced with Quetzalcoatl to form a continuous listen. During the fade out at the end of “Frontiers” on Quetzalcoatl the Frontiers LP can be started, since the same fade out is at the beginning of “Chasing Blue Skies”. The fade out at the end of “Frontiers (acoustic) on the Frontiers LP is also the beginning of “Ants With Trumpets” on Quetzalcoatl.

On Quetzalcoatl, the last track “Clocks?” also directly feeds into the opening track “Clocks”, looping the album.

Before “Clocks” begins — in negative time — is the hidden instrumental track “Quetzalcoatl”. Also contained in negative time is “Dust For Jenna (spacey)” — between “Three-Nineteen” and “Nightingale Eyes” — and “New Day Rising (clip)” — between “Never A Reason” and “Last Train to Chicago”.

quetzalcoatl-frontiers playlist


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