In Defense of… Justin Bieber?

So, this is completely out of character for me, so be warned. I’m actually going to trump my disgust for a certain celebrity pop vocalist. Why? Because of what the media is criticizing him for.

A couple of days ago, Harvey Levin and his group of celebrity stalkers posted the following photos on their website

Yes, that is Justin Bieber, and yes, that is a blunt.

Now the media is in a firestorm over Bieber’s pot smoking pictures, in a similar fashion to an incident at the end of 2010 when young Miley Cyrus took a huge rip of “salvia” on her 18th birthday.


Everybody loves commentary from The Young Turks.

Anyway, here’s my problem with the photos taken of Bieber, which obviously, is the same issue I had when Miley Cyrus was outed a couple of years ago.

It’s just pot. It’s just fucking pot.

Legal or not, who gives a shit? Lay off the kid. He’s smoking a blunt. Who cares?

My opinions on drug legalization are radical, sure, but if I lived Justin Bieber’s life, I’d want to be high all the time, too. The dude is Usher’s pet. Damn, having to cut tons of promotional videos for my albums, appear here and appear there, talk to this person and talk to that person, perform for this crowd and perform for that crowd, have the paparazzi watch me when I eat, have the paparazzi watch me when I take a shit, all day, every day; it’s a horrible existence. Then, to have every single breath I take put on the Internet for everyone in the fucking world to see. Jesus, at least let the little bastard get high. At least!

I could rant for hours about this, but I honestly would just be repeating things I had already said. Anyway, I think I’m going to close this one out with a little message from a blast from our Internet meme past.

Leave Justin alone!


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