Weird Things Caught on Russian Dashboard Cams

A recent trend within the beautiful confines of the Internet is that of the Russian Dash-cam video. I first heard about this phenomenon just a few days ago while I was watching an episode of The Daily Show I had missed. Jon Stewart was quick to point out that a lot of these dashboard cameras had caught that crazy meteor that fell to Earth last week.

So, while this huge burning space bullet is hurtling toward Earth, this guy is pissed off because this other guy pulled out of his parking spot, blocking him from getting out of the ridiculously small parking lot… while a huge burning space bullet is hurtling toward Earth!

Upon further viewership of these Russian dashboard videos, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing shocks people in Russia. Hell, Godzilla himself could start ravishing St. Petersburg, and the public would just continue eating lunch at the nearest cafe or honking at the beast because he’s obstructing traffic.

Let’s take a look at another one of these gems.

What the fuck?

As the title of this video so graciously describes, the reason why dash-cams are so popular in Russia is because there are a bunch of thugs trying to get money from having people rear-end their cars or hit them. Also, as evidenced by the video, they get pissed off at you when they fail. That’s a very interesting way to exploit a law for personal gain. I wonder who their mentor must have been…

Makes sense...

Makes sense…

Some of these videos are just damn entertaining. Like this one for example.

Bahahahaha! Did you see it? Did you see the guy, and he, like, jumped, and like, totally misjudged it, and, like, got totally fucked up in the process?! EPIC FAIL!

Yeah, I apologize for the terrible diction and wordplay. I was trying to get my excitement out.

Those are just a few of the many things caught on Russian dashboard cameras in the last couple of years. Of course, let us not forget that we Americans are pretty good at catching some crazy shit on our own dashcams.



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3 Responses to Weird Things Caught on Russian Dashboard Cams

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  2. Good thing if you have a dash cam running when these things happen!

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