Quick Fix: Skrillex

For starters, let me point out that I am not against electronic music. I happen to like a lot of it. Of course, as with my standards with nearly every other genre of music (save for polka), it has to be done well. It sucks, otherwise. Case in point, I really don’t like Led Zepplin that much. I think they’re incredibly overrated.

Now, I’ve learned with a lot newer music that you really can’t look at what you like and what you don’t like on a genre-by-genre basis. It has to be done on an artist-to-artist basis. I could very easily say I really don’t like dubstep, which at this moment is true, but I know that there could be something out there in the murky swamps of modern music that is dubstep and I will enjoy. So, to despise a genre? Not an easy thing to say legitimately (however, polka, as a whole, sucks). It’s probably just better for me to tell the world:

I think Skrillex sucks.

May all of the bros and emo kids strike me down! I think Skrillex sucks. There hasn’t been anything in the three years or so that Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore, formerly of From First To Last) has done that has even in the least bit given me a musical hard-on. Nothing. When I’ve listened to his music, I’ve heard nothing but overused electronic cliches, laughable rhythms (including poorly-written tempo changes and breakdowns), and usage of volume, distortion, and filter cutoffs that make me feel like I have the flu.

Harsh, I know. But what a lot of you may not (but actually should probably) know is that I am a fan of Aphex Twin.

With certain styles of music, less is more, and in no genre is that more important than electronic music. It’s the same philosophy you need in shoegazing, too much turns what your creating into a distorted, feedback-riddled soup. Richard James is one of the “less is more” guys, and when looking at electronic music, I really think there is no act better than Aphex Twin. On top of James’ approaches to composition, he also made Aphex Twin’s music diverse, which again, is something that is necessary in the electronic genre especially.

He’s also a master of spectrograms. For those of you who don’t know, a spectrogram visually measures the spectrum of frequencies in a sound. Check this shit out:

“[Equation]” by Aphex Twin:
You can fast-forward to the 5:25 mark if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.

Yeah, you just shit yourself. Admit it.

Anyway, in summary, I don’t like Skrillex and the aforementioned reasons are why. I’m honestly tired of telling people that, since so many people nowadays think it’s the end of the world if you don’t like anything that’s currently “trending”. So there you have it, my rant for the day. Enjoy it.


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