Is Tebow Finished?



Tim Tebow has been all but kicked out of the National Football League. With his options dwindling and doors closing on him, what will the most polarizing figure in professional sports do about his future?

I’ve spent the last three years incredibly critical of Tim Tebow — mostly because he is a player in the throws of mediocrity who does not appear to be getting better. During his days in Denver (when Tebow-mania was at it’s peak), many personalities in the sports world, including one Skip Bayless, were not only on the wagon, but driving it, citing Denver’s wins at the end of the season as the reason. Remember? “All he does is win”. My rebuttal was always: “No, he doesn’t. Matt Prater wins. The defense wins.”

Bless you, Stephen A.

I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to embrace the “all he does is win” philosophy when he spends the first fifty minutes of each game as the NFL laughing stock, and is then remixed by DJ Steve Porter.

Then came The 3:16 Game — one of the biggest anomalies in the history of the NFL. Tebow, as we know, is a man of God, and his playoff win over the Steelers had John 3:16 written all over it. I’m not going to lie, it was disturbing on many levels, from the stats lining up to Tebow-mania skyrocketing in the aftermath.

Fast forward…

Yeah! Playoff win!

Yeah! Playoff win!

Wait. Payton? :(

Wait. Payton? 😦


Alright. Cool. The Big Apple!

Alright. Cool. The Big Apple!


Come on, man... I'm on the bench for Sanchez?

Come on, man… I’m on the bench for Sanchez?


Well, guys. At least your benches were comfortable...

Well, guys. At least your benches were comfortable…

Tim Tebow was released by the Jets after last season, and has been muddling through the waters of free agency since. The early runners for Tebow appeared to be the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since Bill Belichick has made his feelings about Tim Tebow known, and Jacksonville doesn’t seem to be interested, it looks like Tebow may not be hitting the NFL for the upcoming season.

This begs the question: What does Timmy do now?

Well, thankfully (and unfortunately) for Tebow, there are other places he can (or can’t) play. The first choice would probably be the Canadian Football League, which is well known for being a sort of developmental experience for many future NFL players and a place where NFL free agents can go to get some playing time, especially with NFL Europa dismantled and the UFL in the clutches of anonymity. Yet, when asked about Tebow’s chances in Canada, NFL and CFL Hall-of-Famer Warren Moon expressed that Tebow could not play quarterback in the CFL. I, and many others, look at Moon as the perennial expert on the topic. So, the CFL is a no-go for Tebow.

You have to be able to throw to play on that crazy ass Canadian field.

You have to be able to throw to play on that crazy ass Canadian field.

How about the Arena Football League? Well, since Tebow’s arm has been the primary criticism of his career, the AFL may be a good fit for him. The field is shorter and the style of the game is a lot faster — more, college-like, if you will. This works to Tebow’s advantage, since he still seems to think like he’s in a spread-style offense like the one he ran under Urban Meyer at the University of Florida. There are currently 14 squads to choose from, and with the AFL looking to expand into the rest of world, Tebow’s options definitely open up.

Hell, the Orlando Predators have already sent him an offer.

But, the biggest question of Tebow’s future really is if he will even leave the NFL. Tebow’s a proud guy and a bit of an optimist, so there is a very real possibility Tebow might hold out and see if he makes another NFL squad. The problem is that Tebow is to a quarterback what Archie Bunker is to social equality — a polar opposite. In reality, the only way Tim Tebow could make even the most remote impact in the NFL is by biting the bullet and going the way of “slash”. He has the speed and the strength to play tight end or even safety, both positions I think, with a little grooming, he could be successful in. But alas, I, and many others, have a hard time seeing that as happening.

Tebow’s biggest problem, on a personal level, is his pride and his faith in his arm. It’s a sad statement, considering Tebow looks at himself a quarterback. For those who still ride the Tebow wagon (specifically, all of the people in the Jacksonville area who have petitioned the Jacksonville Jaguars to obtain Tebow), sure, he won in 2011, but in 2012 he warmed the bench behind another quarterback flop. That really can’t look good to anyone.

This documentary doesn't look good either...

This documentary doesn’t look good either…


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