Quick Fix: Tebow to New England!

Note: I know I’ve been slacking in getting these columns up, but there have been other writing ventures and work going on in my life, so I apologize profusely for slacking on The Zephyr Lounge. I can’t guarantee I can post at the frantic pace I had before, but just remember, that you’ll get the same quality entertainment from me, just in more spaced-out doses.

Tomorrow, I have a longer column going live, but because I stumbled across this after I wrote it, I can roll this Tebow bit into a quick shot before you all swallow the majesty of tomorrow’s piece. Despite Bill Belichick stating the contrary a few months ago, Tim Tebow WILL sign with the New England Patriots and report to mandatory summer camps, vying for roster spot. More specifically, he will be reporting to Patriots camp as a quarterback.

I’m just as confused you are.

I’ve been incredibly outspoken about how Tim Tebow as a quarterback is to laugh, but apparently, Bill sees something in the polarizing figure that could prove to be a good fit in New England. The Pats also have former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels on their staff, and both he and Belichick are known for turning passers into quarterbacks, like, Tom Brady, for example.

I guess the signing makes some sense. Tebow does have some “slash” versatility, and has shown competence while running options and Wildcat plays, but could the signing mean that if Tebow makes a roster spot, he could be groomed into the guy to replace an aging Tom Brady? Honestly, as of Tebow’s career thus far, I really don’t want that to happen and would much rather see backup Ryan Mallet hopefully take that role, but Tom still has a couple of years and Mallet is building some kind of value learning from The Great One. As much as it pains me to say this, I could see this scenario playing out in New England.

  1. The Patriots are an aging team that are developing injury problems, so Belichick could be looking more into the long-term than now.
  2. Belichick and McDaniels could spend the remainder of Brady’s contract grooming and developing Tim Tebow.
  3. The Patriots could trade Ryan Mallet, especially since the NFL is not a league of passers anymore and if Mallet’s skill-set is valued enough, he could be traded into a starting job, leaving the door open for Tebow.
  4. Tom Brady — and many other staples of the team — retire, but through Belichick’s savvy-trading and eye for “diamond in the rough” players, it wouldn’t take long for the Pats to recover from the departures.
  5. Tebow will eventually become the #1 guy again, and along with another group of young, versatile players and progressive-minded coaches, the New England Patriots would continue to be a dominating force in the NFL.

Of course, this is purely hypothetical and involves me going against everything I believe about Tim Tebow and giving him the benefit of the doubt. If there is anyone in the NFL who could turn Tim Tebow into a certified-fresh quarterback, it would be Bill Belichick. That thought actually scares the crap out of me.


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