List: Robert’s Political Platform

Note: This is a list of opinions, and while not meant to incite rebuttal, I understand that there will probably be rebuttal. So, I beg of you, if you feel the need to debate me on these topics and what I have to say about them, please, for the love of Zeus, be informative, calm, and intelligent with your agrument. So, any bat-shit teabaggers who feel the need to blast me here, on Facebook, or via email, just chill the fuck out, drink lemonade on your porch, and talk among yourselves about how the “liberal agenda” is keeping good, God-fearing people down.

  1. Destroy Citizens United and remove it from the books with enough force to make it seem like it never existed. I’m sorry, but if you’re crazy enough to support multi-billion dollar organizations funding political campaigns and essentially buying elections, then you deserve to live in this shit political circus.
  2. Legalize gay marriage federally. The only argument against gay marriage is a religious one, and since religion is separate from politics, then there is no reason why there should not be a constitutional amendment supporting the rights of gays to be married. I fail to see where the marriage between a man and man, or a woman and a woman, or a transgender to a transgender, etc. etc. etc. hurts the sanctity of your heterosexual marriage. You know, the one that comes with cheating, abuse, and divorce?
  3. Legalize (or at least, decriminalize) all narcotics and cleanse the prison system of all non-violent drug offenders. The fact that an astounding percentage of inmates across the country are non-violent drug offenders is one of the biggest criticisms against the United States. In fact, the United States leads all developing nations worldwide in number of inmates.
  4. Increase the Federal donation to public broadcasting. Public broadcasting is the last true, unbiased reference of information and educational programming in the country. It, above all else, needs to be saved.
  5. Exile Charles and David Koch. Being one of the biggest reasons Washington is currently a mess, I think the forced removal of Charles and David Koch, and the dismantling (or sale) of Koch Industries could come a long way in fixing the problems politicians have with the most basic tenant of Democracy: debate and compromise. I look at it like this, if the Koch influence is gone, then the House of Representatives won’t vote 40 times on repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and won’t hold the government hostage whenever they don’t get their way. I’m sorry, but the Koch influence has turned a slew of politicians into elitist children who throw temper-tantrums.
  6. Remove the phrase “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. As much as I disagree with the Pledge of Allegiance anyway, I especially believe that the phrase “Under God” is a Constitutional violation. America is not a Christian nation by political definition, and as such, any mention of the word “God”, or any other deity, regardless of religion or faith, cannot be mentioned in an oath of loyalty to a country.
  7. Spearhead a simple immigration reform plan and hold businesses accountable for their illegal employees. America was founded on immigration, and as such, should remain that way. There needs to be measures in place that simplify the immigration process, which will cut down the amount of illegal immigrants we have. Also, illegal immigrants that are already here will be given a simple path to citizenship. All business owners, especially those in the South, will have to document every employee and if documentation protocols aren’t met (i.e. the “hiring” of illegal immigrants), then the business owner and anyone involved in the upper management structures of said business will be held accountable for their transgression, including, but not limited to, charges of fraud, embezzlement, perjury, etc. and the potential dismantling (or sale) of their business.
  8. New Federal law: Once and for all, “intelligent design” cannot be taught in any private or public non-religious schools. Science is taught using facts and theories that have substantial evidence. Faith, however, is the absence of facts, and as such, cannot be taught in secular public or private schools. There is no proof to intelligent design, not is there any proof that any legitimacy rests in dogmatic religious texts, and as such, evolution will be taught in schools during mandatory science classes.
  9. Immediate troop withdraw from the Middle East. It’s been nearly 12 years and nothing has been accomplished. Get out. Now.
  10. Immediate shutdown of Guantanamo Bay and transport of prisoners to one of the SuperMax prisons. I have a problem with suspected terrorists being kept in Cuba. With the available space cleared when all non-violent drug offenders were released from prison, SuperMax prisons across the country could house terror suspects.
  11. Enforce abortion legislation as per Roe v. Wade and overturn any and all state laws that do not abide by the Roe v. Wade ruling. Roe v. Wade was a SCOTUS decision, and the appropriate one to make. The problem has been that certain states go out of their way to supersede the ruling as much as possible. Because of this, I propose a Constitutional amendment protecting all reproductive rights of women.
  12. Raise the Federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour without affecting the standard of living. If someone made $15 an hour and worked 40 hours a week, their monthly earnings (before taxes) is $2,400 a month. That’s enough to support yourself.
  13. Completely separate politics and religion, up to and including, the removal of “religious-based” Federal and state laws. There is a separation of church and state, you know.
  14. Re-energize American agriculture. Milk and produce are expensive and the quality of product has gone downhill in the last couple of decades or so. There needs to be more support for American agriculture, up to and including, Federal employees who check the quality of the product.
  15. Support and fund cross-country transit for American citizens. Japan and Russia are just two countries with an operational bullet train system. I think America needs one as well, and despite the fact there have been proposals for such a system in the last few years, we need to just shut up and do it. Also, Elon Musk’s plan for high-speed tube travel would be an excellent idea to connect major metropolitan areas in the states (ex. Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin, Boston to New York City, Miami to Jacksonville).
  16. Cut military budget. With a troop withdraw, there really is no need to invest the money we’ve been investing into the military. That money could be used for more important things, such as public broadcasting, tax rebates, etc.
  17. Complete weapons ban. There is no need for anyone to defend their homes with an AR-15. I’m sorry, that’s overkill. Any gun is scary, not just big ones made for military use.
  18. Free universal healthcare. While Canada may or may not have a backlog problem with patients (I’ve read conflicting reports), I think the idea of free healthcare is one of the best public interest ventures the country could take. Not to mention, it would take power out of pharmaceutical companies and give it back to the doctors.
  19. Raise income tax rates on the upper class and private sector, while lowering tax rates on the middle class. The upper class and private sector have the money to spend more on taxes than the working class does. Come on, pay your share.
  20. Invest more money into the studying of man-made climate change. Sorry, guys. It’s real.

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  1. judybsa says:

    Ohhh, so much to respond to. I don’t know where to start!

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