1.21 Jiggawatts! The Future of Humanity and the Universe, part 2 (2051 – 2499)

In part 1, a technology boom took place around the world. In today’s installment, humans begin to branch into space and harness technology for the furthering of artificial intelligence.

2051 A.D.: Cosmic Call 1 will reach it’s destination, Gliese 777.

2055 A.D.: Humans will begin to explore the possibility of probes and manned missions to other Earth-like planets. According to Ray Kurzweil, a $1,000 computer will match the processing power of all human brains on Earth.

Every brain on Earth, huh...?

Every brain on Earth, huh…?

2083 A.D.: According to the United Nations, the world population will exceed 10 billion people.

2084 A.D.: The lease held by the Pitjantjatjara people on Uluru from the Australian government expires.

2095 A.D.: According to Arthur C. Clarke, humans will be capable of near light-speed travel.

2098 A.D.: Coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef drops below 10%

2100 A.D.: Extreme droughts are effecting one-third of the Earth. Billions of people in third-world countries are suffering and dying of dehydration and starvation. On March 14 (February 29th in the Julian Calendar), the Gregorian Calendar and the Julian Calendar will be exactly 14 days apart. Since 14 is divisible by 7, this will be the first time the two calendars will be on the same day of the week since the inception of the Gregorian Calendar in 1582. This will last until February 28, 2200 of the Gregorian Calendar. Also, the North Star, Polaris, will appear at its furthest northern point.

Sometime in the 22nd Century: Humans will be intimately merged with machines. Neural upgrades will be common. Also, humans will have reached biological perfection, utilizing technology to create new bodies for organ transplant.

Here in 2013, this has already started...

Here in 2013, this has already started…

2110 A.D.: Human’s will begin plans to terraform Mars. It’s also around this time that fermto engineering, the ability to manipulate fine structures like strings and quarks, is becoming possible.

Left to right: Terraforming Mars.

Left to right: Terraforming Mars.

2114 A.D.: Sedna overtakes Eris as the furthest known spheroid orbiting the Sun.

2120 A.D.: The International Space Elevator is completed.

2130 A.D.: Large scale developments are taking place on the Moon. Living on the Moon is commonplace.

2150 A.D.: Interstellar travel is being achieved using solar sails and nuclear propulsion technology. On June 25, a solar eclipse that will last 7 minutes and 14 seconds will occur (Solar Saros 139). It’ll be the first total solar eclipse to exceed 7 minutes since June 30, 1973.

2168 A.D.: On July 5, another solar eclipse (Solar Saros 139) will exceed 7 minutes (7 minutes and 26 seconds).

2170 A.D.: Antimatter power stations become active.

2177 A.D.: The first “Plutonian Anniversary” of the dwarf planet’s discovery, given that Pluto’s orbit is just under 248 Earth years.

2168 A.D.: The third total solar eclipse of Solar Saros 139 occurs on July 16, clocking in at an estimated 7 minutes and 29 seconds, very close to the theoretical maximum. This is predicted to be the longest total solar eclipse in the current 10,000 year period, from 4,000 B.C. to 6,000 A.D.

2197 A.D.: Venus will occult Spica, the first such occultation of the two celestial bodies since November 10, 1783.

2200 A.D.: A global effort begins to restore Earth to it’s former natural beauty. Geo-engineering is incredibly advanced, stopping and reversing global warming patterns and restoring animals, both extinct and on the verge of extinction, using genetics.

2230 A.D.: Antimatter starships are being used to accelerate close to the speed of light (186, 282.86 mph).

2250 A.D.: Humanity is becoming a Type-I civilization, able to use all available resources impinging on it’s home planet.

Artist's rendition of a Type-I Civilization.

Artist’s rendition of a Type-I Civilization.

2253 A.D.: On August 1, Mercury will occult Regulus for the first time since August 13, 364 B.C.

2260 A.D.: The Solar System is being colonized to the fullest extent, with entire cities and nations forming independently of Earth.

2300 A.D.: The United Nations predicts that median life expectancy in developed countries will be between 87 and 106 years. The United Nations also predicted that by this time, based on current birthrates, the Earth’s population will be 10 billion people. Google’s mission to index all of the world’s information and make it searchable could be achieved around this time.

2400 A.D.: Venus will occult Antares for the first time since September 17, 525 B.C.

2492 A.D.: Belgian astronomer Jean Meeus asserts that on May 6, the orbits of all eight planets, as well as Pluto, will be within the same 90 degree arc of the Solar System. The last time this is believed to have occurred was February 1, 949.


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