Shutdown at The Zephyr Lounge: Day 8

As per the budget, again, this has to be brief.

It’s been eight days since The Zephyr Lounge shut down and there is still no middle ground when it comes to budget negotiations with the Almond Joy Patriots. They won’t budge from their position. I mean, it’s a fucking candy bar.

Anyway, so far, the Almond Joy Patriots have sent me several budget proposals, but not one without legislation that either a.) completely gets rid of the Snickers With Almonds, or b.) delays the implementation of Snickers With Almonds for, at least, a year. Honestly, this is getting frustrating.

I’ve also come to find out that there is a procession of go-karts heading to The Zephyr Lounge offices on the 11th. Their plan is to go around the block in a tight circle, not letting anyone in or out, until the vast majority of us here are arrested for “[violating our] integrity as writers.”

We’ll see how this works out.

Robert L. Franklin


About Robert L. Franklin

Ah, the About Me section - social networking's excuse for you sounding like an elitist prick. Hmm... what to say? What to say?
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