I Committed an Internet Sin, But for a Damn Good Reason

I made a decision the other day that I felt was an appropriate one to make. After four years of “devoted” contributions, I decided to take my Facebook page down. My decision had nothing to do with drama or advertisements or anything like that. Well, I lie. Advertisements had a bit to do with it, but as an extension of the larger issue.

I found out the other day that Facebook had joined the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in August.

If I had known in August, my Facebook page would have been taken down then, and the second part of this post would have commenced at that time. All that aside, the dismantling of my Facebook page (which will be completed on December 17th since Facebook doesn’t believe people when they say they’re done) was a form of protest, since my hated of all things affiliated with Charles and David Koch are that strong.

ALEC not only holds membership of Koch Industries, but Charles and David Koch funnel money into it, which most likely influences ALEC stances such as the denial of man-made climate change and Fundamentalist politics, such as “small governments”, reducing corporate taxation and regulation, “gun rights”, and tightening voter identification laws.

Unfortunately, there are many companies affiliated with ALEC, and I’m not going to be able to boycott them all, at least right now (for instance, AT&T is ALEC affiliated, but I’m locked into a contract that I can’t afford to break right now). However, there are many companies in ALEC who aren’t imperative to my daily life, so a boycott is in order.

For information about ALEC, click here.

For more information about ALEC’s sketchiness, click here. (Disclaimer: There are many good points made in here, but some of the information contained is unsubstantiated. Granted, ALEC is an organization full of secrecy. Use your own discretion when reading, but remember, stay objective.)

For a list of ALEC’s confirmed and alleged memberships, click here.


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