On Belle Knox and the Court of Morality

This recently appeared on my Facebook page as a rant.

On the topic of Belle Knox (the Duke University porn actress, for those of you scratching your head and wondering why Robbie is making a comment about a woman whose name sounds like she should be in pornography):

Regardless of what choices she has made, which have not been bad, for the most part, there is absolutely no excuse for her to be receiving threatening correspondence from people, especially the ones where they threaten to rape her and her family. While I understand that most of them probably came from trolls (who, as we all know, have nothing better to do with their lives than hack away on a keyboard covered in Doritos dust and dried Mountain Dew), I am also not naive to the fact that there are people who LEGITIMATELY think that she should be raped and/or assaulted for what she does. There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of bullshit. There is absolutely NO good reason to make threats like that, whether you are serious or not.

I think what this all comes down to is an idiosyncratic belief that women who do porn are a scourge on our society. These are the same people who believe in chastity and virginity (which I know are the same thing, but the two words can be used to describe different aspects of my rant). I hate to be the bearer of bad news for the more conservative folks who may or may not come across this post, but the fact of the matter remains that women are not subservient, June Cleaver-type people, regardless of what the moral standard may or may not be. Also, sex work is not only a legitimate profession (contrary to what some prick on the Huffington Post message boards may think), but humanity’s oldest profession. Fuck guys, a hooker with a sex addiction once ruled Constantinople alongside King Justinian. Sex work is an honest living, and at it’s professional levels, a multi-billion dollar a year profession with an amazing earning capacity. At the end of the day, chances are good her lifetime net earnings will dwarf our own.

If a woman wants to spread her legs and get fucked until she’s chapped to earn a living, then goddammit, let her do it. This idea that we have to judge sex workers to the capacity that we do is disturbing. Many of the people who lobby complaints about this kind of work are men, and we all know, that the chances of them having never enjoyed something pornographic in their lives is about as likely as that Malaysian Airlines flight having been used for some kind of top-secret project by whichever government conspiracy theorists believe is responsible. It’s about as likely as Honey Boo Boo becoming a centenarian and about as likely as Elvis still being alive. In short, it’s not likely at all. So, is this the way we really want to go about discussing this woman? More importantly, why do we, as Americans, feel it is necessary to drag this college freshman through the mud and shit because she decided that her vocation (at least right now) involved getting plowed in a variety of ways in a variety of orifices?

The chances of anyone having a legitimate answer to that question are about as likely as Ted Cruz giving Barack Obama a hug.

I think the story of Belle Knox is a great example of how stigmatized America is sexually. We’re quick to hold women who decide to get into sex work in contempt of our “court of morality.” This is why the legal status of prostitution and pornography has been a hot issue in America for about as long as America has existed. A common exclamation from those who find what Belle Knox is doing to be morally reprehensible involves the phrases “her husband” and “her children” and “how will she explain…?”, in some kind of order anyway. Really, what the hell does it matter to you, and where the hell do you get off assuming that this woman will get married or have children once day? There is no guarantee either of those events will happen, and even if they do, it’s for her to postulate, not you. Every day, women pose naked and get fucked on camera. Yet, I still go to work, come home, eat dinner, write, get educated, and live my life. The fact that a freshman from Duke University is doing porn has absolutely NO ramifications on my life whatsoever, and because of that, who am I to judge what she does? Who are any of us to judge what she does?

Also of interest to note, this kind of backlash never follows people like Ron Jeremy or James Deen.

I think the time has come for us to re-evaluate what the phrase “family values” means. Alternatively, and I support this more so than the previous statement, we need to nut up and embrace the fact that the “good ol’ days” have long been over. With a culture like ours (which in many ways can only be described as perverted, sexually and otherwise) there is no place for modesty, especially when it comes to sex. In the last three and a half decades, various groups have attacked pornography, movies, music, literature, and video games for reasons summarized as “corrupting our youth.” Jerry Falwell took on Larry Flynt. Tipper Gore took on the music industry. Hell, Marilyn Manson was on the receiving end of a lot of blame after those two kids decided to gun down their classmates in Colorado fifteen years ago. What happened afterward? Flynn crushed Falwell in court in 1988, parental advisory stickers have been shown to boost record sales, and school shootings continued, even after Marilyn Manson fell out of favor. The one thing these attempted character assassinations have been successful in, however, is showing people that live here, and people around the world, just how idiotic Americans have the capacity to be.

Case in point: The “What’s Happening to My Body?” books (which are about puberty) annually appear on the list of frequently-challenged books in the United States. Alongside Captain Underpants and Goosebumps.

I know this is long, and I do apologize, but allow me to say a few more things before hitting the “post” button. Instead of making Belle Knox’s life a living hell, how about we take a step back and examine ourselves. Are we really going to continue to be a stigmatized culture when it comes to sex, or are we finally going to accept that sex is real and people do, in fact, have sex for fun and/or for money? Honestly, these days, virginity doesn’t mean shit. Let me clarify what I just said, for those of you who may come across this and feel compelled to ream me for it. Slowly, but surely, the adage of “saving yourself for marriage” is fading from the modern world. Here’s what we do in this situation: accept, culturally adapt, and move on. In the 21st Century, there is no reason for us to have these Biblical stigmas about sexuality.

(Thought: If the present day is any indicator, Sodom and Gomorrah must have been pretty awesome places. I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen some hilarious, as well as hot, shit when it comes to porn.)

A woman’s body is her temple and she, as the temple master, has the ultimate say in what goes on it, and more importantly, what goes in it. Neither myself, you, the Christian elite, parents groups, censorship advocates, politicians, or even internet trolls can make a judgement on this girl’s actions. None of us are qualified, for starters, and secondly, to judge her for choosing pornography as her vocation makes all of us hypocrites.

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