The Weather

Today, we are instituting a new category called “The Meaning of Life.” These posts will be a combination of personal and newsworthy stories meant to exemplify the brightest points of living. Today’s inaugural post literally just happened.

It’s always nice to see a loved one get excited about something, but I think it’s even nicer when they get into something out of their element.

My wife, Mary, moved to Lewisville from San Jose, California in the summer of 2012. She HATES it here. She really does. She hates the politics, the culture, the cities, etc. Basically, she’s really homesick.

She routinely talks about things from California that are of at least relatively cool to her on a fairly regular basis and remembers those things fondly. She’s a fish out of water here, which is why I’m glad Texas has some weird ass weather.

Just moments ago, Mary got excited about a large cloud rolling over town that was beaming with electricity. Lightning jumped in and out of the clouds, random, and with authority. Thick bolts routinely anchored smaller discharging sparks. It was a sight to be seen.

Mary got excited and demanded the camera. Once she had it, she went on a spree, catching as many photos as she could of the building storm. She was fascinated by it and completely unable to divert her attention.

It was an amazing thing to watch.

As I mentioned before, Mary has been homesick. She hates it here. Because of that, it always puts a smile on my face when she gets excited about the weather.

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