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6 Shitty Metal Bands an Old Acquaintance Exposed Me to that Made Me Want to Kick Him in the Face

When I was still a semi-pro musician, I made it a point to expose myself to as much music as possible. My goal was to be exposed to music that I thought would inspire me, so naturally I became enamored … Continue reading

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Train of Thought: Capital Punishment

The topic of the death penalty came up today, with the state of Georgia gearing up for the first execution in the United States since Oklahoma’s 45-minute sufferfest. In response to a frustrated Facebook post I made yesterday, my uncle … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse That Could Commence Depending on the Hobby Lobby Ruling

Rick Warren and Russell D. Moore have predicted that Hobby Lobby, and the forty-seven other for-profit organizations that are challenging the Affordable Care Act with them, will win their Supreme Court case. While a comment like this isn’t surprising, their … Continue reading

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Today, I want to talk about impeachment. Hold on, let’s back up for a moment… Over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency (particularly since around the time of the last presidential election) the term “impeachment” has become fashionable. Whether it … Continue reading

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Life on Mars?

I’ve always been passionate about space, in wavering degrees. When I was little, I had posters in my bedroom of Saturn’s moons and watched a lot of Star Trek with my grandmother. As I got older, other interests took precedence … Continue reading

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