Preface: Police Brutality

2014 has been quite a year for police misconduct and brutality. This year, we’ve had black men holding air-soft rifles gunned down by police in open carry states, babies in their cribs on the receiving end of flash grenade detonation, the New York Police Department choking people to death, and massive department cover-ups in response to a white cop killing a black teenager.

Yeah, quite a year.

With all of the crap that’s gone on in 2014, I’ve decided to do something protest-like. Since it would be difficult for me to really make a difference by standing outside of the Dallas police department with a sign that reads “Justice for Mike Brown” or “Keep Your Cracker-Ass Cops Under Control”, I think it would be better for me to come to you, the readers of this collection of one man’s thoughts in an anonymous corner of the Internet.

I know some of you read my blog, and those of you who do, I urge you to tune in over the next fifty days. I will be profiling fifty cases of police brutality in response to the heinous actions I’ve seen this year. Fifty men and women, all wronged by the police somehow, whether it be they were senselessly gunned down, victims of a cover-up, on the receiving end of misconduct, or, as some of the stories will profile, victims of national guardsmen or drug-enforcement officers.

The next fifty posts are dedicated to all of the people I’ll be profiling and all of the people I did not profile who fell victim to similar circumstances. I’m tired of hearing about overzealous police officers abusing their power and either getting away with it altogether or getting some bullshit bureaucratic sentence that makes everyone in the department look good. I’m tired of cover-ups and civil rights violations. I’m tired of young men having to always keep one eye open for the police. I’m tired of police officers not being held accountable for their actions.

Aren’t you?


About Robert L. Franklin

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