17. Hope Steffy


While not necessarily being brutality on the part of the police, the twisted story of Hope Steffey is without question police misconduct.

Steffey called 9-1-1 because she was being assaulted by her cousin. Instead of Stark County police arresting the cousin, they cuffed Hope and took her into custody. At the precinct, Hope was stripped naked by both male and female officers, then left in a cold cell without her clothes and without a blanket and without having received medical attention for her injuries. Officers claim she was suicidal, which Steffey denied.

Following public knowledge of the incident, several other women came forward about mistreatment they had received at the hands of Stark County deputies. The county and sheriff’s department settled with the women, but have denied any wrongdoing.

Hope Steffy
Stark County, Ohio
October 20, 2006


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