26. Juan Vasquez


16-year-old Juan Vasquez was running from members of the Denver Police Department when he fell in an alley. After having threatened to “shoot [Vasquez] in the back” if he didn’t stop running, Denver police seized the opportunity to apprehend Vasquez. Of course, to Denver Police (who have been heavily criticized for their practices, especially over the last ten years or so), apprehending Vasquez meant beating the hell out of him in the alley where he fell. While begging for law enforcement to stop, Vasquez was subject to punches and kick from the cops, then formally arrested, wherein Officer Charles Porter decided Vasquez made a good trampoline and jumped up and down on Vasquez’s back while Vasquez was cuffed. 16-year-old Juan Vasquez, 5-foot-6 and 130 pounds, was admitted to the hospital with a lacerated liver, a ruptured spleen, kidney damage, and fractured ribs, spending three days in the ICU handcuffed to the bed.

Officer Charles Porter was arrested and charged with felony assault, but was acquitted of the charges. He was the only witness in his defense and claimed the other officers who testified against him had actually caused Vasquez’s injuries and were conspiring to place all of the blame on him.

Juan Vasquez
Denver, Colorado
April 18, 2008


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