30. Jermaine Darden


Fort Worth Police Department SWAT officers used a battering ram to bust open the front door of Jermaine Darden’s house on May 16, 2013. This was done because the officers had obtained a “no-knock” warrant to raid the house under suspicion the residence contained illegal narcotics. Everyone in the house was terrified and Jermaine Darden, an overweight man with asthma and heart problems was dragged onto the floor of the house, where police pinned him in a way that made it difficult for him to breathe. Multiple police officers, who described pinning Darden to the ground as being “met with resistance”, piled on top of Darden, further exacerbating his breathing problems. Darden was also tased twice, with each jolt lasting around five seconds, not because they feared for their safety, but as a compliance tool. Darden would be cuffed, but would stop breathing soon after and was pronounced dead at the scene.

After months of waiting, the medical examiner released the results of Darden’s autopsy, citing that he died of “natural causes.” No culpability was given to the officers at the scene, specifically the ones who pinned and tased Darden, and officially, Jermaine Darden just happened to die during the incident. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jermaine Darden
Fort Worth, Texas
May 16, 2013


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