31. Orangeburg Massacre


Around 150 men and women were protesting racial segregation at a bowling alley when Orangeburg police arrived to disperse them. As their method of dispersal, the police opened fire on the protesters with carbines, shotguns, and revolvers. Most of the injured in the attack were shot in the back while police were firing on the crowd, and two SCSU students and a local high school student, all of whom were black, were killed in the shooting. The police claimed they were under attack from the protesters (who they claimed were firing small arms), but no evidence could be produced to conclusively corroborate the accusation.

South Carolina Governor Robert McNair would blame the violence on the Black Power movement.

The Orangeburg Massacre
(Samuel Hammond, Henry Smith, Delano Middleton, and 28 wounded)
Orangeburg, South Carolina
February 8, 1968


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