34. Ousmane Zongo


A Burkinabe arts trader living in New York City, Zongo repaired art and musical instruments in the same warehouse where NYPD officers suspected pirated CD’s and DVD’s were being processed. Zongo was never implicated in the piracy. An NYPD officer, Bryan Conroy, masqueraded as a postal worker and entered the warehouse. When Zongo turned the light on, Conroy drew his weapon. Zongo ran, thinking he was getting robbed, and was quickly shot four times by Conroy. The NYPD later admitted they knew Zongo was not involved in the piracy and contended he was frightened by Conroy drawing his weapon.

Conroy served no jail time for the incident. Instead, he was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and given five years probation. He had his NYPD credentials stripped as well.

Ousmane Zongo
Bronx, New York
May 22, 2003


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