40. Sean Bell


Sean Bell was the only fatality in the shooting of three men by plainclothes NYPD officers. Bell was having his bachelor party at a club the NYPD was investigating for soliciting prostitution. According to the police, they identified themselves during the incident, in which the officers sent 50 rounds into Sean Bell’s car, killing him and wounding two others. Officer Gescard Isnora initiated the shooting. Other accounts from people bearing witness to the incident, notably Joseph Guzman, state the police did not identify themselves or warn Bell that they were about to open fire.

Three of the five detectives involved in the shooting were brought up on charges of first and second-degree manslaughter, first and second-degree assault, and second-degree reckless endangerment. All three of the cops were found not guilty on all counts.

Sean Bell
Queens, New York
November 25, 2006

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