42. Eric Garner


Eric Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes. When he was approached by plain-clothes officers, Garner told them he was “just minding [his] own business. Every time [they saw him they wanted] to mess with [him]. [He’s] tired of it. It stops today!” Garner then put his hands up. NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo (who was already the subject of two civil rights lawsuits in 2013 because of false arrest and abuse) put Garner in a chokehold, killing him while bringing him to the sidewalk. Garner can be seen and heard on a video of the event telling Pantaleo that he couldn’t breathe.

Following the incident, on December 3rd, a grand jury refused to indict the officers who were involved in Garner’s death.

Eric Garner
Staten Island, New York
July 17, 2014


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