46. Patrick Dorismond


Patrick Dorismond was approached by undercover NYPD officers who asked him where they could purchase marijuana. That’s one of only two details of this incident that can be agreed upon. According to officers, Dorismond became hostile, screaming that he wasn’t a drug dealer, then assaulted the officers, even after one of them revealed himself to be undercover. Kevin Kaiser, a friend of Dorismond’s tells a different story, one where the officers never identified themselves, provoked Dorismond, and initiated the fight by striking Dorismond first.

The second detail that can be agreed upon is that NYPD officer Anthony Vasquez shot Dorismond in the chest, striking his aorta and right lung. Dorismond rapidly bled to death.

Patrick Dorismond
Manhattan, New York
March 16, 2000

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